Jan 142010

The news lately has been dominated by the devastating earthquake that took place in Haiti.  It is hard to write about Web design and online marketing and all the wonderful technologies we can use to make money when our neighbors to the south are just looking to survive.  But thankfully, it is nice to know that those same tools and technologies can be used to collect money to aid in the Haitian relief efforts.

How you can help:

Check out the Fox News Web site article, Haiti Earthquake Aftermath: How to Help, for a very good list of charities providing relief. 

You can text your donations through your mobile phone and the donation will show up in your next phone bill.  You can also donate through each of the Web sites listed.  In addition to those in the article the following are also good ways to contribute:

Baptist Global Relief

Lambi Fund


Beware of Scammers:

Donating through legitimate charities or your local church or synagogue is the best way.  Unfortunately, with every disaster comes a group of low life scammers trying to make a buck off the tragedy of others.  If you are contacted by someone that you are not sure is legitimate then you are probably right.  Be sure to check them out with your local Better Business Bureau or your State Attorney General.  Look out for text messages and emails from people you don’t know and trust.  Beware of new Web sites with catchy domain names.  It is possible that they are legitimate but you will need to do your homework.

Better Business Bureau Charity Investigation Page

Thanks for your help in helping others!


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