Mar 162012

The only thing not so great about the new iPad is the name.  For a creative company like Apple to miss with the name is a bit puzzling.  Be that as it may, this a truly wonderful device.  The crowds lining up at Apple stores today must agree.

New iPad

Image via Apple

Well, what do you get with the “New iPad”?  Here is a quick summary of the new features:

  1. Retina Display (2048 x 1536 pixels, 44% increase in color saturation) – This display is so high resolution that your eye won’t be able to detect the individual pixels… stunning.
  2. Eye sight camera (5 MP with autofocus/white balance, 5 lenses, face detection) – A nice camera but nothing close to a digital SLR, still not bad.
  3. HD Video (1080P) recording capability with image stabilization – Fantastic in such a small device that does so much more than a camera.
  4. 4G LTE network capability for super-fast downloads – Great for the ability to download movies and watch streaming media as long as your carrier does not throttle your bandwidth.
  5. Voice dictation – Just like on the latest iPhone.

The new iPad will start at $499 which is the same price the iPad 2 was selling for.  Below is a summary of their pricing.  You do need to beware that you will pay a premium price to get the full 4G LTE capability.  Apple has dropped the starting price of their iPad 2 down to $399 and intends to keep it in their product line for price sensitive consumers and educators.

Pricing with network / memory configuration:

New iPad with 3G Network
($499 – 16GB, $599 – 32GB, $699 – 64GB)
New iPad with 4G Network
($629 – 16GB, $729 – 32GB, $829 – 64GB)

In case you were wondering, the battery life is going to be about the same for the new iPad.  You are going to get 10 hours of battery life from the 3G version and 9 hours from the 4G LTE version.  Also, Apple has released upgraded versions of their iLife applications including Garage Band, iMovie and iPhoto). Many other vendors are releasing upgraded versions of their applications to take advantage of the new capabilities.  Apple says that all your old iPad apps will work just fine (backward compatibility is very nice) except have a greatly improved display.  Some hard core Apple enthusiasts may be a little underwhelmed by the new features but Apple and the late Steve Jobs always set such high expectations.  I believe most people will fall in love with the new iPad.


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